Ambience and atmosphere outdoors for the sun protection in your favourite spot – also suitable for large areas

Ambience and atmosphere outdoors for the sun protection in your favourite spot – also suitable for large areas

The markilux syncra offers sun and weather protection for gardens and restaurants

Al fresco living is increasing in popularity and the variety of sun protection systems is growing as a result. A new addition to the range is the markilux syncra, a flexible and versatile awning support system with twin awnings. An awning stand for terraces and outdoor seating areas, for restaurants, kindergartens, family celebrations or office parties.

Outdoors yet well protected is the slogan behind this new model, on which two independently operable folding-arm awnings can be mounted.

Plenty of space

The free-standing awning stand consisting of a steel cross member and two steel posts at the side has no annoying centre support. It offers plenty of space with a maximum height of three metres and a walk-under height of over two metres to the side even at large extensions. Seven different awning models from the markilux range are available to suit different requirements and tastes: Whether small and compact or stylish and elegant, with or without lighting. All awning types are equipped with a gear mechanism and attractive stainless steel winding handle; an electric motor is optional. The powder-coated awning stand includes a top profile in the same frame colour as the awning. The cover and mechanism are always well protected when retracted by the totally enclosed housing and top profile.

Available in two versions

The markilux syncra is available in two different versions: the syncra fix can be mounted to a concrete footing via two base plates. With a width of up to seven metres and a shading area of up to 56 square metres per stand, it is the ideal shade solution for large al fresco areas. As many as three of these individual systems can be connected with the aid of a centre support. The syncra flex is the ideal solution for smaller areas of up to 30 square metres with a flexible choice of location as the awning support is not permanently fixed, but only weighted down with kerbstones at the place of installation. Options for fixing to the side of a wall without a second column or in front of a façade using only one awning are available on request.

Sun and rain protection in one

The system includes the sunsilk SNC perla FR awning cover. Over and above the documented advantages of sunsilk SNC, such as sun protection factor UPF 50+, high resistance to soiling and brilliance of colours, it also exhibits two additional and very important advantages: due to a special inner coating the cover is virtually waterproof and flame retardant. Sun and rain protection all in one as well as compliance with the highest safety standards create the ideal prerequisites for spending more time outdoors. But the awning system is available in any of the great variety of patterns from the new fabric collection as well.

The whole range is rounded off when used in combination with a markilux 790 side awning, suns and wind sensors and numerous additional options such as heaters, a light strip or a shadeplus.

By awnings | 04 December, 2016


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