Marikilux 791 / 891

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    Marikilux 791 / 891

    Vertical Cassette Blinds

    Simply passing through: the drop-arm awning with added headroom.
    For all those who seek reasonably priced sun protection for their patio windows and doors, with room for adjustment.
    Totally logical. Typically markilux.

    Cassette / mounting:

    This supports your markilux and is particularly stable. The end-to-end profile ensures a light and individual mounting to a wall.


    All markilux awning covers can be used– it simply depends on how much light you would like to allow in.


    Depends entirely on requirements – available in widths of up to 700 cm (Supplied with a motor as standard from 401 cm).


    Tensioning springs, which enable a friction-free movement of the auto-lift arms and guarantee a taut awning cover.


    The standard awning is operated manually fitted with a universal joint and winding handle with bayonet fitting. An electric motor (tubular motor with electronic limit switching) is available as an optional extra.

    Special Equipment

    • Sun & Wind Sensor
    • Motor drives and remote control operation


    Degree of extension


    Maximum extension


    Round or square? Just as long as it’s markilux.

    Every single markilux is a first-class product, and behind it lies a great deal of technical skill.

    Here you will find some of the most important technical details, which will make your decision a little easier. more >>