Markilux 740 / 840

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Markilux 740 / 840

Vertical Cassette Blinds

A totally stylish combination: half vertical, half drop-arm awning and completely functional.The markilux which is particularly good and secure – thanks to the high-quality slide mechanism with optimised gas-primed pistons and windlock mechanism.Totally logical. Typically markilux.

Markilux 860markilux-760_860_model

Cassette / mounting:

This supports your markilux and is particularly stable. The end-to-end profile ensures a light and individual mounting to a wall. Through the additional use of spacers, the markilux 745/845 can be mounted directly to the window frame or the wall.



All markilux awning covers can be used – it simply depends on how much light you would like to allow in with the window coverage you require.


This depends entirely on requirements. The option is available to couple numerous awnings together, meaning that your new markilux will fit every window.


The standard awning is operated manually fitted with a universal joint and winding handle with bayonet fitting. An electric motor (tubular motor with electronic limit switching) is available as an optional extra.

Special features:

The tensioning with elastic variable belt system results in a very tight blind.

Special Equipment

  • Sun & Wind Sensor
  • Motor drives and remote control operation


Round or square? Just as long as it’s markilux.

Every single markilux is a first-class product, and behind it lies a great deal of technical skill.

Here you will find some of the most important technical details, which will make your decision a little easier.