Markilux 893

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Markilux 893

Vertical Cassette Blinds

Triangular Shading

The markilux innovation that provides triangular shading. Can be used for both interior or exterior applications.

Totally secure. Typically markilux.

Track profile with tearproof tensioning wire for optimum cover tensionmarkilux-893_fuehrung
Round cassette and patented clip-on mountings for an optimum connection between tracks and bracketsmarkilux-893_runde_optik
Retracted cover protected against dirt through a brush sealmarkilux-893_buerste
  • electric operation as standard
  • a round cassette with patented clip-on bracket system (a square cassette is not available)
  • all-purpose aplication- can be used for interior and exterior, horizontal and bevel applications
  • optimised cover tension through two track profiles, two gas pistons, and two tensioning wires
  • covers availabe in plain acrylic, perfotex, sunsilk, and swela transolair (no patterns available- just uni fabrics)

Special Equipment

  • Sun & Wind Sensor
  • Motor drives and remote control operation