Outdoors and protected

Outdoors and protected

Privacy and sun protection in one: the markilux “Shadeplus” with visutex fabric

The Shadeplus, the awning within an awning from markilux provides optimum shade when the sun is low and protection from light winds with the added benefit of total privacy. And when the evenings become cooler, the Shadeplus also retains some of the heat that has built up during the course of the day. The Shadeplus system is integrated into the front profile. The cover can be lowered to a maximum drop of 140 centimetres. In addition to a handle for manual operation, a motor with remote control operation provides an option for added convenience.

visutex: The innovative fabric with visible textile structure

visutex from the exclusive markilux SigNature fabric collection is an attractive innovation of the Shadeplus concept. Coloured yarns woven into the fabric give the plain cover a visible textile structure. Outstanding features of this fabric are its brilliancy of colour and silky transparency. The fabric is available in light green, beige, blue-grey, light grey and yellow. The actual awning cover is available alternatively in colour co-ordinated striped patterns that match four of the plain colours. An awning in combination with a Shadeplus underlines the creation of additional outdoor living space with its simple elegance and additional comfort advantages.

By awnings | 04 December, 2016


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