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    The I/K2000 full cassette awning models are traditional designs with flush fixing options for different building surfaces and optional LED lighting, perfect for evening entertaining.

    The I/K/N2000 awnings come in 143 fabric patterns, 84 special collection fabrics and can be paired with 56 frame colours.

    These awnings are also available in multi-section units to share large areas or terraces.

    I2000 – open cassette

    For level building facades, the I2000 has been designed without a rear wall and is suitable for more traditional and industrial decor.

    It is suited to a wall mounting and the front profile design provides protection for the fabric and fitting, all while allowing for a precise closing function.

    K2000 – closed cassette

    The K2000 closed full cassette awning offers a robust and simple design. It is built with protection, featuring a back plate for uneven bases.

    The back plate feature allows this awning to be completely closed off and makes it suitable for most construction situations.

    It is suitable for:

    • wall installation
    • ceiling installation
    • rafter installation
    • installation on special brackets

    N2000 – niche cassette

    Being designed specifically for niche installations, the N2000 features a unique and innovative flat front rail, allowing it to blend completely into the building facade.

    The N2000 is the perfect solution for any modern home and features a tilting mechanism to ensure the front profile closes securely.

    It requires a rebate to be built into the facade for the awning to seamlessly blend in with the building.

    Technical highlights

    Slim cassette design

    Featuring a slim cassette design, the I/K/N2000 awning, once retracted, keeps the fabric and mechanical parts safe inside the protective cassette.

    Wind lock safety

    The I/K/N2000 awning provides reliable protection with its patented wind lock safety device made of forged and extruded aluminium. It has been designed to prevent the awning from lifting up in severe gusts of wind.

    As innovative, maintenance-free technology, the wind lock safety device tilts the front profile and awning arm via a tilting mechanism when ascending ensuring protection from unruly weather.

    LongLife arm

    The LongLife arm featured in the I/K/N2000 awning is durable and quiet. It has been tested to more than 100,000 cycles, proving it is exceptionally robust.

    • Extremely well suited to wall mounting, e.g. beneath roof
    • Shapely front profile allows it to close precisely and provide perfect
      protection for fabric and fittings