WGM Top Conservatory Awning

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    The WGM Top over roof conservatory awning has been designed to fit most building projects by sitting on top and providing ultimate sun and glare protection. 

    With its diverse use, it can be retrofitted and installed on steel, aluminum or wooden patio roof. As a modern solution, it has a slimline, attractive design with no visible fixings highlight. 

    The WGM Top also comes with different support bracket options including a fixed support bracket, adjustable support bracket and an adjustable support bracket top for multi-section units. 

    Reliably protecting underneath against overheating, the WGM Top conservatory awning provides a pleasant atmosphere below while seamlessly blending into the house facade as a stylish element. 

    The WGM top warm conservatory roof awning comes in: 

    • 47 standard frame colours, 9 standard trend colours and optional 150 RAL colours 
    • Stretch, OptiStretch and Valance Plus options 
    • width 6m and max. projection 5m 

    A great option for weather conditions all year round, the WGM Top weinor awnings has a minimal look, all while providing maximum enjoyment. 

    Technical highlights

    Stretch, OptiStretch and Valance Plus versions

    The Stretch version of the WGM Top is held captive on two sides, providing a relatively inexpensive installment option. 

    The OptiStretch version is held together on four sides, providing no light gap and equalised taut on the fabric for longevity.  

    As an add-on to your WGM Top, you can include the Valance Plus option, which provides a vertical drop profile for extra sun protection and glare. 

    BiSens, sun, wind and rain sensors

    The BiSense radio sensors provide wonderful benefits for the WGM Top, allowing for the awning to open when the sun comes out automatically. 

    It is also designed to retract when it begins raining and wind becomes a problem. 

    It comes in the below options: 

    • sun, wind and rain sensor 
    • sun/wind sensor 
    • sun sensor