Veri Shades

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    Veri Shades® is a new window furnishings range combining the elegance, softness and style of curtains with the versatility of roller blinds.

    The soft fabric hangs beautifully with a unique patented design, while the supple folds operate like vertical blinds to provide privacy, superior light filtering and airflow control.

    The translucent or opaque fabric range is available in a variety of modern and classic colours to suit any interior décor. And with its easy-to-operate single or dual motor system, Veri Shades offers superior convenience for everyday living while only taking up half the space to achieve the same results from curtains.

    Veri Shades also offers exceptional energy efficiency, providing both cooling benefits in summer and insulating properties during winter months.

    Veri shades offer the perfect solution for large windows, sliding doors or a dramatic wall-to-wall feature.

    Veri Shades are child and pet-safe and are available in a variety of stylish, high-quality fabrics, colours and sizes to suit any space or décor.

    There are no weights or chains to worry about, so you can walk through Veri Shades freely – whether they’re open or closed. Their versatility, functionality, durability, easy care low maintenance and chic classy styling make them perfect for any home or office environment. The two-sided individual folds transition from translucent to opaque at the simple turn of a wand.

    The versatility of blinds and curtains make Veri Shades the perfect window furnishing solution for any home or office. The soft fabric folds of Veri Shades provide an eye-catching and contemporary look to any window. With a range of colours, fabrics and sizes to choose from, you can create your own unique look that will instantly transform any space. Get ready to fall in love with Veri Shades!

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