Plaza Viva Retracatable Roof

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    Plaza Viva Retracatable Roof

    The Plaza Viva retractable pergola roof is the perfect outdoor system for reliable sun and rain protection for your outdoor space.

    Integrating subtly into the aesthetic look of the building, the Plaza Viva is wind-resistant and a practical solution for installation on facades that may not have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

    Due to the reduced load on the fixings of the wall brackets, this roof system can also be installed on difficult and insulated facades and has a reliable tension system featuring a new flat rope to allow for quiet operation.

    To seamlessly integrate to your home, the Plaza Viva has been elegantly designed to ensure no visible screws and option LED spotlights to create the ultimate home atmosphere.

    The Plaza Viva comes in:

    • 47 standard frame colours, 9 trend colours and 150 RAL colours
    • width of 6m and max. projection of 5m

    It also comes in a range of versions including:

    • Stretch and Stretch LED – held securely on two sides
    • OptiStretch and OptiStretch LED – fully enclosed and held securely on four sides
    • With added Valance Plus option for a vertical drop profile to protect from the sun

    Technical highlights

    Optional telescopic post

    To allow rainwater to drain off efficiently from the fabric, a telescopic post is an optional add on to allow for lowering of the pergola with a gear handle to reach the desired pitch.

    Compensation joint

    The carefully constructed compensation joint featured on the telescopic post allows for flexibility to the new pitch when lowering for long-term durability.

    Bracket and floating bearings

    In addition to the compensation joining, the wall bracket, with floating bearings allows for a reduced load on the system when the telescopic post lowers the awning.

    Valance Plus option

    To provide vertical privacy and sun protection, the Valance Plus option can be integrated into the Plaza Viva’s front profile.

    The patented OptiFlow System keeps the fabric position close to the bottom rail safely. The Valance Plus also comes with an optional LED Design light bar.