Opal Full Cassette

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    Opal II Full Cassette

    The new Opal II full cassette awning combines classic design for a timeless, elegant look for your outdoor area.  

    Engineered for large areas, its design showcases an attractive shape cassette that blends seamlessly into the surrounding architecture. 

    It also features closed-end caps to ensure safe operation and protection from dirt and wet weather. 

    Designed for maximum stability and safety, the Weinor Opal Design II cassette is 16cm high and comes in: 

    • 143 fabric patterns 
    • 84 special collection fabrics 
    • 56 frame colours 
    • width of 12m and a max. projection of 4m 

    Coming with a wide range of optional extras such as LED integrated lighting, the Weinor Opal II cassette ensures all-around enjoyment and privacy in your outdoor area. The Opal II LED lighting system is available in warm white, cold white and RGB colours.  

    Choose the Weinor Opal II full cassette awning for your outdoor space and you won’t regret it! With its modern design, high-quality materials and cutting-edge features, this product is sure to make your outdoor area stand out from the rest 

    As an added choice, the Opal Design II Valance Plus option includes a vertical shading drop profile for sun protection and increased privacy. 

    Overall, the Opal II cassette is solid and fashionable in appearance with both the wall brackets and bolts hidden from outside eyes, with a clean, sophisticated element. 

    Technical highlights 

    Valance Plus option 

    Ideal for those who want extra added privacy, the vertical drop-down is patented OptiFlow-System technology to keep the fabric positioned correctly and as close as possible to the drop profile to allow for safety. 

    It provides glare protection and privacy up to a maximum valance height of 210cm and can be extended to any length. 

    Mounting options 

    The Opal II full cassette awning can be mounted on: 

    • walls 
    • ceilings 
    • rafters

    It also can come as a two-part unit of up to 1,200cm to allow you to shade a vast area such as a large home terrace. 

    Wind lock safety 

    Avoid damage from windy nights with the wind lock safety device for reliable protection. 

    The drop profile and the full cassette folding arm awning are tilted when ascending to avoid lifting up in the wind. 

    LongLife arm 

    Featuring a robust high-tech belt, the LongLife arm has been tested to more than 100,000 cycles. 

    With its quiet function and durability, it does not require any maintenance.