Kubata Full Cassette

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    Kubata Full Cassette

    Featuring a minimal cubic cassette shape, the Kubata Full Cassette folding arm awning provides a popular and exceptional style element for contemporary facades.  

    Its clean, smooth surfaces lend the Kubata to blend seamlessly into modern house architecture with its screwless design, with no visible fittings.

    It comes in two options, with a back plate and without allowing for versatile solutions. 

    The Kubata cassette comes in over 140 awning fabric colours and 200+ frame colours and has: 

    • a cassette size of 205 x 210mm 
    • width of 7m 
    • projection of 4m ( at 7m width, max. projection 3m) 

    Providing an overall aesthetically pleasing look, the Kubata cassette complements both domestic and commercial architectural design styles for those looking for a modern, clean-cut look. 

    The award-winning Kubata robust awning cassette also combines premium German parts with cutting-edge technology to provide a quality built awning that comes with optional integrated LED lighting. The economical LEDs stand out against the night sky to provide a warm, inviting glow in addition to functional light. 

    Technical highlights 

    LongLife arm 

    The Kubata features a slender, LongLife arm with a 10-year guarantee. Having been tested to 100,000 cycles the Kubata Folding Arm Awning is of high-quality construction allowing for quiet operation. 

    Mounting options 

    The Kubata cassette can be installed to: 

    • walls 
    • ceilings 
    • rafters 

    It also features an adjusting inclination of 5 – 40 degrees. 

    Water & dirt protection 

    The Kubata’s enclosed and robust cassette allows it to keep the fabric and other components protected from harsh weather. The tested wind lock safety device is also included to help keep the awning secure in windy conditions. 

    At the front of the drop profile, it features a special house wall dirty guard and a controlled rain drain and is fixed seamlessly to the facade to remove any damage from rainwater and dirt. 

    Optional LED lighting 

    The optional Kubata LED light provides energy efficient operating life of 30,000 hours of lighting with low energy consumption. 

    With easy installation and bulb replacement, the optional LED spotlights integrated into the cassette is perfect for the frequent entertainer.