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    Install plantation shutters for a great look and feel

    A plantation shutter set can bring a unique aesthetic to any home, but they are also highly functional. When closed, they can keep out light and heat, making them great for energy efficiency and privacy. And when opened, they let in natural light and fresh air while still providing an amount of privacy you have control over.

    There are 3 main materials to choose from, and each specialises in different applications:

    • Timber plantation shutters. These are made from real wood and are more expensive but offer a natural look that can complement any style of home.
    • PVC plantation shutters. These are more affordable and easier to maintain, making them ideal for busy households.
    • Aluminium plantation shutters. These are the lightest weight option, making them easy to install and operate. Aluminium shutters also offer the best protection against the elements.

    Solid timber shutters are the best option for customisation, as they can be sanded down and stained to fit any décor. A professional installer is recommended for all plantation shutters, because of the precision needed in order to get them just right.

    PVC shutters are a great choice for those looking for an easy maintenance option. They come in a variety of finishes, so you can choose the look that best fits your home.

    Aluminium shutters are also strong and durable, making them perfect for protecting against the elements. They offer superior protection from wind, rain, and sun damage, with minimal upkeep required. Plus they don’t require staining, so they remain looking like new for years to come.

    Plantation shutter examples

    Custom plantation shutters can also be installed internally or externally. Indoor plantation shutters are typically wooden, and their main advantage is that they’re great for insulation. Outdoor plantation shutters are usually made from PVC or aluminium, can be great for privacy and security, and are one of our most popular new outdoor blinds.

    They can be adapted for a wide array of applications such as for use on corner and bay windows, sliding and French doors, and in conservatories. They can also be used in conjunction with flowing curtains or other window coverings

    We can take the window frame measurements, design, build and install your shutters, or if you prefer, can deliver them and you can install them yourself. Yes! DIY plantation shutters can be yours.

    There are so many great benefits to using our custom window shutters to style your home. They provide lots of natural light and character for your space while still giving you the privacy you need. Made from the highest quality materials our shutter blinds will give the durability you desire with timeless elegance that will keep your place looking chic for many years to come. With our 20-year warranty, you can go to sleep tonight knowing we’ve got you covered with a large range of quality shutters.

    Our range of plantation shutters are custom-made to ensure they fit perfectly in a variety of window shapes and sizes.

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