Timber Venetian Blinds


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    • A modern stylish blind made with natural materials
    • Functional elegance with easy care
    • Great range of colours

    Naturals Timber Venetians are made from “Basswood” or “Red Cedar”. These are trees that are grown specifically for timber blinds in North America.

    The wood is made into a slat with smooth edges and then painted, stained or lacquered to create stylish Timber Venetian Blinds. These venetian blinds are perfect for adding warmth and natural texture to any room in your home.

    Naturals Timber Venetians come in a range of colours from light whites and creams to deep rich tones like black. The pure wood range of Timber Venetians from Naturals also come with a special UV coating for superior protection against fading.

    Basswood slats are finished in a Polyester lacquer. Because basswood is a naturally pale wood there is less colour variation between slats than for other timber species.

    Faux wood venetian blinds have the same look and feel as wood but are made from a combination of polyvinyl, polyresin and PVC. They are specifically designed to be durable and long lasting in high humidity environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. The blinds come with a special UV coating which protects them from fading due to exposure to sunlight.

    Cedar is given an oil finish to enhance the grain and protect the wood.

    Blinds will be more functional to the customer if they are split to coincide with the window mullions.

    Operation is by cords for tilt and raise/lower. Control light for large windows with easy-to-use cords. The cords are linked in pairs and operate both blinds together. It is also possible to have the blinds fitted with a wand for easier operation.

    Optional is an electric motor to do all this for you.