Timber Shutters

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    • A modern stylish blind made with natural materials
    • Functional elegance with easy care
    • A range of colours

    Naturals Timber Venetians are made from “Basswood” or “Red Cedar”. These are trees that are grown specifically for timber blinds in North America.

    Timber Plantation Shutters provide a timeless elegance to any room whilst allowing you to control light and privacy. As a natural product, they help insulate against temperature changes keeping the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

    Roman blinds can be made with timber slats or alternatively you can have the look of shutters without the fuss of a shutter mechanism. Roman blinds are stylish and give an understated elegance to any room.

    Basswood slats are finished in a Polyester lacquer. Because basswood is a naturally pale wood there is less colour variation between slats than for other timber species. The shutter panel painted colours range from natural whites and creams through to rich dark browns.

    The L frame and Z frame shutter lets you control light and privacy more precisely. L frame and Z frame shutters are great for keeping the light out of your bedroom or living room enabling you to rest in peace without any unwanted glares.

    Cedar is given an oil finish to enhance the grain and protect the wood.

    Blinds will be more functional to the customer if they are split to coincide with the window mullions.

    Operation is by cords for tilt and raise/lower. The tilt bar on timber shutters is a stylish rod that sits across the shutter panel to complete the look. The direct mount option allows the shutters to be mounted directly onto the wall or window jamb for a contemporary look.

    Optional is an electric motor to do all this for you. The highest quality lacquers and coatings ensuring a timeless appeal make this a wise investment choice.