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    Manufactured by OPEN SHUTTERS – Look No Further

    Furniture grade western red Cedar has special preservative resins in the raw timber. Most stable of all commercially available timbers. Hence can be used externally as well as internally
    We use Mortice and Tenoned joints as in quality furniture. All other manufactures use doweled joints. Mortice and Tenoned joints are strongest joint possible – others make do with dowel joints
    Did you know that 1″ of cedar has the same insulation benefits as 10″ of concrete. Timber shutters are an ideal sound and heat barrier, there are no other internal window furnishings better to control air flow than aerofoil louvres.
    Distinct grain and variety of timber colours. When clear finished or stained, the distinct timber grain is still apparent.
    Accent on wide blade shutters.
    • 1. A good view out through the window
    • 2. Good air flow through the shutter without affecting the life of the shutter
    • 3. Flexibility of light control and privacy
    • 4. Clear simple lines to your décor
    • 5. Easy to clean
    Variable mid rail height. Allows privacy at bottom of window but light in top of window
    Tensioning screw . Allows adjustment of blades to maintain tension required
    Semi concealed tilt mechanism for clear uninterrupted view, easy to clean and maintain. Unique full closure in both directions and maintenance free rotation bar. All other shutters only close in one direction.