COMMERCIAL AWNINGS for Sydney year round

COMMERCIAL AWNINGS for Sydney year round

Sydney’s glorious harbour attracts diners, shoppers and people seeking entertainment and fun all year round, whatever the weather. When Cockle Bay Wharf at Darling Harbour recently expanded and upgraded its many outlets, it asked leading awnings and blinds installer Sunteca to provide the necessary protection from sun, wind

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Retractable Roof at the Orient Hotel – The Rocks

Sunteca recently installed a Helioscreen All Seasons retractable roof system at the iconic Orient Hotel in Sydney’s historic Rocks area. The system is ideal for protecting patrons of the new Mrs Jones terrace bar from rain and sun because of its strength, flexibility and high-end electronic sensory

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Retractable Roof Systems For Coca Cola

Sunteca along with our supplier Helioscreen designed and installed a custom freestanding solution for four large retractable roof systems at  Coca Cola’s head office in North Sydney, to provide all weather solutions to the entertainment areas of their terraced balconies on levels 13 and 15. Each balcony had two coupled systems

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Soltis Fabric Colour Chart

Sunteca Recommends And Uses Soltis Fabrics

Click here for Soltis fabric / colour chart Sunteca and Helioscreen Awnings are in line with the trend towards increasingly larger windows and terraces, there is growing demand for more opulent formats in sun/wind and privacy protection. In order to achieve ideal results, it is vitally important

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Pergola Awnings by Sunteca

The Pergola Awning P3000 from Sunteca, provides ideal sun and weather protection for private homes and restaurants. A support profile underneath the guide rails provides the Pergola Awning P3000 with a high degree of stability.

The Pergolino Awning P3000 is thus able to withstand even high winds and

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