Here’s One Easy Way to Increase Home Value

Here’s One Easy Way to Increase Home Value

One way to increase home value is to install awnings and make your outdoor space more functional. With the added shade and protection, your outdoor space becomes a place for gathering or relaxation. In addition, it helps with cooling and maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home interior. 

Do awnings add value and improve aesthetics? 

There are now several designs available and one will surely complement your home exterior’s design and theme. The awning can even enhance the visual appeal of your home exterior and outdoor space (this depends on making the right choice and proper installation of awnings). 

Protection from sunlight and harsh weather is another benefit of having awnings. Occupants will be better protected from harsh UV rays and it also becomes possible to use the outdoor space during the day because of the cover. Also, awnings provide some versatility because you can retract them anytime depending on the hour of day or intensity of sunlight. 

Through the years, awnings have become a more popular choice than home additions and permanent structures because of the awnings’ lower costs. Awnings, just like home additions and masonry and wood structures, also offer long-term outdoor solutions for using the idle or available space. The advantage is that awnings are relatively inexpensive and often they are quicker and easier to install (though you will still have to hire an electrician to power the awnings’ motor and retraction). 

Earlier we mentioned that awnings help with cooling. It’s possible to reach up to 25 per cent HVAC energy savings through awnings’ shade and protection. By simply blocking the sunlight from reaching a home’s walls and windows, the cooling can be significant (and also it will become less necessary to turn on the air conditioner). 

With all these benefits, it makes sense to install awnings and let them help increase home values. They can also help improve the backyard appeal and make the outdoor space more functional. It’s a quick and inexpensive solution to making the outdoor space more useful while also helping lower the air conditioning energy costs. 

By awnings | 07 June, 2022


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