What Can You Do With an Empty Outdoor Space?

What Can You Do With an Empty Outdoor Space?

You can either transform the empty outdoor space into a garden or a small place for gathering and relaxation. The goal is to enhance your property’s appeal and/or function. For example, when you add a garden or some landscaping in your outdoor area, it can instantly enhance or complement your home’s appeal. On the other hand, if you make the outdoor space an area for gathering or relaxation (such as for reading and breath of fresh air), you improve your home’s functionality because the idle space will be used.

Transforming your outdoor space

Either way, this will require significant investments and careful planning. After all, the outcome might become permanent (putting a garden or building a permanent pergola) or semi-permanent (e.g. installing a retractable roof system to provide temporary shading when needed).

Note that transforming your outdoor area can significantly change the appeal of your home and entire property. It’s good to pay attention to how the entire property will look once the transformation project is complete. For instance, when installing a retractable roof or a permanent patio, pergola or louvered roof system, the resulting structure might block some sections of your home exterior. This can also significantly change how sunlight will illuminate your home. These factors will influence your decision on making your outdoor area useful and beautiful.

Making a smart decision

If you decide to transform your outdoor area into a place for your family and guests (either for special occasions or everyday relaxation), one of the first steps is to add shading and roofing. This is to protect you from harsh sunlight, rain and other environmental elements. This is crucial because if the roofing fails, the outdoor space will be unfit for use.

To ensure that the roofing will stay strong and standing, the entire system or structure should be able to withstand strong winds (could be up to 115 km/h) and high temperatures. It should also be highly resistant to mould and moisture so that the roof cover will still look pleasant even after months or years of installation.

Here at Sunteca, you can find such retractable roof systems that are perfectly suited for our harsh Australian conditions. You can view some inspirations and options here and see which one’s perfect for your home or commercial property.

By awnings | 22 April, 2022


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