Sotezza II Conservatory Pergola Awning

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    The sophisticated Sottezza II conservatory awning is an award-winning underlay awning suited for patio roofs and conservatories, which provides adequate air circulation for its function. 

    It is the perfect solution for every right-angled patio roof attached to your home. The Sotezza II’s custom production allows for a design and installation that is accurate to the millimetre. 

    With its sleek, decorative inside shadowing, the Sotezza II is an elegant awnings to allow for the enjoyment of both cool and warm temperatures with effective glare protection from the sun.  

    The Sotezza II comes in: 

    • 155 fabric patterns 
    • 56 standard frame colours 
    • width 6m x max. projection 5m 
    • optional OptiStretch version, LED version, VertiTex or Tempura infrared heating

    With the weinor patio awnings range which combine premium high-quality materials and progressive engineering, the Sotezza II is a conservatory pergola awnings that will not only look beautiful but also provide optimum protection for your outdoor living needs.  

    Using its tested rope clamping system, the Sotezza II ensures the awning fabric deployment is even, as well as provides fast and easy installation. 

    Its elegant design can be enhanced with the added LED option to create a soothing atmosphere below the awning solutions. 

    A huge range of internal and external blinds options are also available to complete the perfect home experience. 

    Technical highlights 

    Mounting options 

    The Sotezza II is suitable for installation under existing glass roofs and can be easily installed by two people. 

    It has been designed to combat any head load and damaging UV rays produced by the sun. 

    Clever Sotezza II versions – Stretch and OptiStretch 

    The Sotezza II comes in the basic Stretch version where fabric is clamped firmly on two sides and options at the sides with minimal gaps between the fabric. 

    In the Sotezze II OptiStretch version, the fabric is secured to the side channel of the awning, similar to a zip. This helps the fabric remains taut so that its edges don’t hang over the side.