Do Awnings Increase Home Value?

Do Awnings Increase Home Value?

First, awnings provide protection from sunlight, heat and rainfall. This makes the previously idle space useful because of the protection and shading. This instantly increases the functional space of a residential or commercial property. Moreover, awnings can provide some privacy in the outdoor area. As a result, the home or property becomes more valuable to the existing occupants and prospective buyers.

What about the costs?

You may require at least $2000 for the awnings (this includes the purchase and installation). It seems expensive given that the materials are common and basic. Often we only see the canvas and metal frame. However, awnings could have several moving parts necessary for their retraction, control and function.

In addition, the installation is far from straightforward. Aside from the awning, the installer will use and require brackets, a ladder, power drill and drill bits and personal protective equipment for worker safety. Some electrical tools and components might also be required if the awning is motorised (here, a licensed electrician should do the work for new electrical connections).

Will it last?

Awnings can last from 5 to 15 years. Their general appearance stays the same because the fabrics are coated with Teflon and other highly resistant material. This means they’re truly built for the outdoor environments where constant exposure to sunlight, UV rays, heat, rain and wind are to be expected (awnings can also provide some natural cooling effect). Also, the metal frames are appropriately coated for total protection against corrosion. This overall resistance and longevity makes awnings a practical investment.

What about the design? There are several modern designs that complement the modern designs of homes. With several options, you can surely find one that is perfect for your dwelling and outdoor space.

In summary, awnings increase home value through added functionality, protection and privacy. The cost is worth it given the awnings’ longevity (5 to 15 years). In addition, it can even help enhance the appeal of the home’s exterior because of the modern designs available.

By awnings | 28 February, 2022


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