How to Choose the Right Shutters For Your Home

How to Choose the Right Shutters For Your Home

To make the right choice, it’s good to focus on durability, longevity and craftsmanship. For example, the core material should be durable (e.g. Western Red Cedar), components should be non-corrosive, glue is waterproof and heat resistant and that the flexibility should be of wide range (e.g. 180 degrees for effective adjustment of heat and light coming into the home).

Choosing the right shutters

It’s also important to choose shutters that have a superior and safe paint system. For example, the paint used should be free from lead and isocyanates (these are potential human carcinogens and that exposure to isocyanates may result in skin irritation, chest tightness and even difficulty in breathing).

Aside from health and safety concerns, it’s also good to pay attention to the paint’s longevity and resistance against fading or yellowing. Note that the shutters would be continuously exposed to sunlight, moisture, rain and other harsh environmental elements. The paint should endure those elements and maintain its colour through the months and years.

What about the cleaning and maintenance of shutters? It helps to choose those with a semi concealed tilt mechanism. This will allow you to adjust the angle of the slats, which will make it easy for you to clean the surfaces. With this ease of maintenance, you won’t have to wait for the dirt and dust to accumulate before you initiate cleaning.

Other important matters

To make the right choice, it also helps to see the shutters in person. What you see online could be totally different once the shutters are actually installed in your home. In addition, you also have to personally check if there are any gaps among the finished panels before moving forward with the installation.

If you have questions about shutters, you can contact us today or visit this page. This will immediately give you an idea about the shutters available now (and see which one is perfect for your home). Then, you can move forward with seeing the samples in person or requesting for an in-house measure and a quote.

By awnings | 24 March, 2022


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