Are Awnings Worth It?

Are Awnings Worth It?

Yes. That’s because awnings provide shading and even help you save from energy costs (awnings give some cooling effect to home interiors). Also, awnings can protect you and your furnishings from the harsh UV rays (sunlight can cause fading to your home surfaces and coverings). Awnings also make an outdoor area instantly functional because of the shading and protection they provide.

How much do awnings cost?

After realising the benefits, now let’s talk about the costs. Awnings may cost $300 to $1000 and that may not include the installation fee. Also, it’s just a rough estimate because motorised awnings that have a wide area can cost thousands of dollars. In addition, motorised types require professional installation done by a licensed electrician and other tradies (which can further increase the total cost).

The benefits still outweigh the costs as awnings are a permanent feature of homes, buildings and places of businesses. They provide passive protection against the harsh sunlight and heavy rainfall. In addition, although permanent there’s still some flexibility because you can retract them if needed. And as mentioned earlier, they can also help a bit in natural cooling as less sunlight and heat comes will into contact with your home or building.

What are your choices?

If you decide to have awnings installed, it’s good to get familiar with the choices first. Earlier we mentioned motorised awnings (a wide area can cost thousands of dollars). These use a motor to retract or extend the covering (you use a switch or remote control to do that). On the other hand, there’s the manual awning that’s only run using a handle (in up, down, in, out motion).

What about the materials and durability? Awnings are usually composed of canvas, acrylic, woven mesh, aluminium and galvanised steel. The frame and overall structure will be strong enough to withstand winds and rainfall. The canvas and acrylic are also good enough to weather the harsh sunlight (the covering material will still look the same even after several years).

In conclusion, having an awning is a worthwhile investment because of the protection it provides and its durability, versatility and longevity. In addition, it’s available in a wide range of colours, designs and features. Surely you can find one that’s perfect for your home, business or building. You can start browsing here so you’ll see your options.

By awnings | 26 January, 2022


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