Canopy Vs Awning – Making the Right Decision

Canopy Vs Awning – Making the Right Decision

Whether you are a home or business owner, enclosing your outdoor space and adding some extra protection from the elements can be a great investment. Adding a canopy or awning will enhance your entertaining options and allow you to use your outdoor areas to their full potential, but how do you decide between a canopy and awning?  Here at Sunteca we believe awnings to be the best choice for most users, but it’s worth noting the key differences between the two options. 


How do Awnings and Canopies Differ?

There is a notable design difference between an awning and a canopy. Whilst awnings are typically attached to the wall of a building, a canopy is a free standing structure which is supported by posts around the perimeter. 


Awnings can be either fixed or retractable depending on your preference. As for the size, you can extend as far as possible into the area your porch/verandah allows. Keep in mind that the structural integrity of your awning may be compromised if stretched too far. A canopy on the other hand can cover a larger area as it is fixed with posts, but it will not be as versatile and neat in appearance. 


Key Considerations in Making a Decision

When deciding between the two, you will need to consider the following:



Both options provide shelter and protection from the elements. If you have a home with large windows and you want to enjoy some protection from the harsh sun, an awning is ideal as it can be fitted to doors/windows, can be retracted when necessary and will aid in temperature regulation. This gives you excellent versatility, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and shade when necessary. 


As a standalone structure, canopies are more suited to large spaces such as lawns and entertaining areas. They can be a good choice if entertaining large groups, but they won’t help to regulate your homes internal temperature and can be a hassle to take down. For this reason, most people leave their canopy up all the time. 



Awnings rely on a cantilever for support, so you will need to measure the length of your walls or desired mounting space to ensure adequate coverage and support. Generally awnings can extend to a maximum of 4 metres. Canopies can be custom made to a larger size, but they will be much less versatile.



Awnings are permanently affixed to the wall, but in opting for a retractable system you can enjoy great space saving design and aesthetics. Once retracted, your awning will discretely blend into the surroundings. Canopies require a more involved assembly and disassembly process, and they will then need to be stored somewhere accessible. Consider whether you have the space available for storage, or whether you would be better off with an awning instead. 


Aesthetic Appeal

Most Sydney homeowners choose awnings over canopies for their aesthetic appeal. A high quality retractable awning system will add value and functionality to your home, as it opens up new opportunities for entertaining. Guests will be able to relax and feel cool and comfortable, even on the hot summer days. You can also choose from a wide variety of designs and colour options to suit the architectural features of your home. This makes awnings a much better choice than a drab white canopy which can adversely affect the aesthetics of your building.


Get a Quote for an Awning in Sydney Today – Call Sunteca

Whilst both options have their pros and cons, there’s no denying that a high-quality awning is the superior choice in most cases. A Sunteca awning system will offer excellent weather protection, ease of functionality, assist with indoor temperature regulation and instantly add functionality and street appeal to your property. Sunteca have a wealth of experience in awning installation, call today on 1300 853 518 to get a quote. We look forward to assisting you. 


By awnings | 16 November, 2021


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