Retractable Roof at the Orient Hotel – The Rocks

Retractable Roof at the Orient Hotel – The Rocks

Sunteca recently installed a Helioscreen All Seasons retractable roof system at the iconic Orient Hotel in Sydney’s historic Rocks area. The system is ideal for protecting patrons of the new Mrs Jones terrace bar from rain and sun because of its strength, flexibility and high-end electronic sensory and motor systems.

The All Seasons retractable roof can be quickly opened or closed when the weather changes and it folds away at the touch of a button. The waterproof fabric not only offers 100% rain protection, which extends the bar’s alfresco area, it is easy to clean and so can always look good, while the system’s integrated water seals keep the undercover area as dry as can be.

The retraction system features an innovative high-torque motor drive system with self-adjusting motor that keeps the fabric at optimum tension. Sophisticated optional extras include dimmable 360 degree LED down lighting and weather (i.e. wind or rain) sensors that can be set to automatic control for when the user is away.

Sunteca chooses the European Helioscreen products for the quality of their materials, design and engineering, says Sunteca CEO Richard Kraus. ‘It gives us and our customers so much confidence knowing that this retractable roof range is made from architectural grade aluminium and stainless steel fixtures that have been developed to ensure smooth operation and high durability.’

All Sunteca’s Helioscreen products are custom designed and manufactured in Europe and assembled in Australia.

To read more about the All Seasons Range, click here.

By awnings | 27 March, 2019


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