Transform Your Home or Business with a Retractable Roof System

Transform Your Home or Business with a Retractable Roof System

Countless Sydney home and business owners have realised the benefits a retractable roof system can provide. Not only does a retractable roof system allow you to benefit from the best of both worlds (open air and shaded shelter), it also adds value and aesthetic appeal to your property. Sunteca are proud to provide an extensive selection of high quality, durable and user-friendly retractable awnings for residential and commercial purposes. In this blog post we will be sharing some of the major benefits such a system can provide.

What is a retractable roof system?

As the name implies, a retractable roof system is a roof which can be retracted in and out as required. This enables you to create your own ‘open-air room’ with shelter from the rain and harsh sun rays. When the weather is at its best, you can retract the roof and allow the fresh air and sunshine to flow in from above. This makes a retractable pergola a great addition to your home, restaurant, café or business premises.


5 Reasons to Choose a Retractable Awning from Sunteca


  1. Flexibility

With a retractable roof, you have full control over how you wish to use it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stargazer, home entertainer or both, because you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. When closed, you will enjoy complete overhead protection from sun, wind and rain. When the weather’s good, just retract it and enjoy the sun and the starry sky. Another great alternative is to leave your retractable roof half-open, ideal for between-season periods. Simply press the button and adjust as you see fit, it couldn’t be easier.

  1. Completely Waterproof

Rain setting in? No need to be cooped up indoors, with your new Sunteca retractable roof you can utilise your outdoor area even during torrential downpours. All systems are manufactured to the highest standards with quality materials to withstand the harshest Australian conditions. Our systems are completely waterproof, in addition to being resistant to moisture, dirt, fungus, mould and high temperatures. Rest assured you will remain cosy and dry whilst entertaining friends and family.

  1. Expanded Living Space

Why extend when you can add a retractable roof instead? This will allow plenty of room for seating and a table, enabling the family to spread out around the house and find their own space to relax. No matter whether you have a contemporary or classic home, a custom-built retractable roof system will fit in with the surroundings perfectly.

  1. Protect Your Furniture

Leaving chairs and tables outdoors exposed to the elements will result in faded fabrics and premature degradation of materials. This is especially bad for wood and plastic furniture. With a roof covering, they will be protected against harsh UV rays, wind and wet weather so that they look their best and remain functional for many years. If your roof is installed adjacent to an indoor living area with glass windows, this will also provide some additional protection for your indoor furniture against sun.

  1. Increase your property Value

By making your property more functional and aesthetically appealing, you add instant value. Not only will you get to benefit from having a great entertaining area and a new lifestyle of outdoor living, you will also be making a positive investment for the future.

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By awnings | 15 August, 2021


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